The project aims to document through print, audio, photography and video, borders and checkpoints across the world.

In a world where the nature of borders and the way in which they are policed are changing all the time, this website will seek to highlight the current construction and development of the lines which divide states and territories around the world.

The site will host content generated by readers and those directly involved in the project.

We are interested in any photographs, articles, audio or video which documents borders or checkpoints in some way. If you want to remain anonymous, we will not reveal your identity.

Do you pass through a checkpoint every day which frustrates you? Is there a border guard who is welcoming and understanding? Is there a unnecessarily difficult border post to cross through? Are you a border guard who wants to tell their story? Or do you just have something to say about borders in general?

Whatever  your reason, please send in any material with a little information to bordersandcheckpoints@gmail.com and we will seek to publish it.



Sam Piranty

Project co-ordinator 

Sam is a journalist and producer interested in migration and diaspora issues across the world. His work has been published by the BBC, the BBC World Service, Al Jazeera, CS Monitor, Le Monde, Think Africa Press and others. He is currently producing radio documentaries for the BBC in line with this project. Sam also holds an MSc from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

You can contact him directly at sampiranty@gmail.com or on twitter @sampiranty



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